i hate this days, hmm exactly this month.
  1. UAN is finally over (ehem sorry to say this again) but the fact that there is still UAS, and I hate that assessment ada essay nya pula. my mom thinks that UAS is just the same like UAN. YA JELAS BEDA LAH YAW, so if I want to ol or apalah yang berhubungan sama komputer dan internet tuh harus diem2.
  2. I wont going to some where else to spend my holiday. my parent said "you're not going to shanghai with us, is too dangerous because FLU BABI BAHAYA TAU, and we are there just for looking your brother and blablabla, you must take an english course for repair your english before you are going to binus simprug"
  3. some of my friend are changing their satus in to "blablabla is in relationship with blablabla" and I am so so so so jealous! yes people, I'm still single right now :( any way congrats ya
  4. AGAMA TRY OUT WAS SO SUSAH AAAAAHHHHHH, mana gue nggak belajar sama skali, nilai nya masuk rapot pula duh ___----___
I just can reply "WHAT??????"

that's all people, xoxo
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